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As one of the leading transportation services in the San Francisco Bay Area, Butler is the only corporate transportation solution that provides total peace of mind during your ride. Each van or bus comes with a professional and insured driver trained to ensure a safe commute, on-time arrival, and your total satisfaction during your commute to wherever you are headed.

From conventions and VIP service, to handicap accessible buses and airport transportation, Butler has the perfect employee shuttle for any corporate event. HR managers looking to provide the best charter bus experience possible for the team should contact Butler today to request a quote or information for their employee shuttle rental.

Butler specializes in corporate-related travel and employee transportation. Have ease of access to premium shuttle bus inventory for your employees.

As recently mentioned in the San Francisco Chronicle, companies are looking to help their employees “avoid public transportation” by arranging alternative forms of transportation to and from the facilities.” Let us help you solve this unique problem with our Back To Work Shuttle program.

Employee Shuttle Experts

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If you’ve been searching the internet for a viable corporate shuttle service that won’t drain the company finances, then you’ve come to the right place.

Airport Shuttle Service

Coordinating commuter shuttle service to the airport is a stressful experience under the best of circumstances,  but coordinating the logistics of employee connection service to the airport is a headache to say the least. The slightest misstep or detour can make employees miss their flight or show up late to an important client meeting. No need for public transportation, book an airport shuttle itinerary with Butler! The key is scheduling corporate shuttle services in advance in order to ensure a smooth and trouble-free arrival to wherever you’re headed.

Butler eliminates the stress of employee shuttle service to the airport. Whether it’s a shuttle bus for a team of forty or a luxury sedan for single VIP commuter, Butler  has the perfect airport shuttle to take your employees to and from the airport, and from the airport directly to corporate events in a timely and professional manner so that no team member gets left behind!

Types of Airport Employee Shuttles

An employee shuttle service is the best way to shuttle your team to the airport on time and under budget. No matter the size of your group, Butler has the perfect employee shuttle to transport your entire team, no matter the ridership, and all of their luggage to and from the airport.

Choose the Shuttle Bus Option That Meets Your Needs

Motor Coach

A motor coach bus is the most popular employee shuttle service for airport employee connection transportation, and the most efficient way for groups up to 50 employees to travel to and from the airport. Coach bus rentals include everything your employees need to stay comfortable and connected, including WiFi, power outlets and auxiliary hookups.

Executive Coach

An executive coach bus includes seating for 35 employees and are the ideal option for large commuter groups in need of a luxury airport shuttle. Each executive coach bus includes individual leather seating, Wi-Fi, restroom, power outlets, and auxiliary hookups.

Vans, Sprinter Vans, & Minibuses

A van, minibus or luxury sprinter van are the optimal choices for employee airport shuttles for mid-size groups. Luxury sprinter vans include Wi-Fi, power outlets, and plenty of seating for the whole team.

Impeccable Employee Shuttle Bus Rentals

At Butler, we take corporate transportation and employee transportation seriously. We believe that corporate travel does not have to be a stressful, drab, and uncomfortable experience. We know that with the right charter vehicle, a corporate trip can be seamless, productive and, dare we say, fun.

On the day of your booking, a courteous, professional and insured driver will arrive on time and act as a pseudo corporate transportation agent, ready to:

  • Aid with scheduling itineraries
  • Set pick up and drop off times
  • Recommend vehicle types
  • Assist in every aspect of your booking

We’re here to ensure that your corporate transportation goes off without a hitch and that you are entirely satisfied with every aspect of your booking – our drivers will provide the most professional transportation experience possible and accommodate any and all passenger needs and make you a happy customer!

How Much does an Employee Shuttle Bus Cost?

The cost of corporate charters or an employee shuttle bus is dependent on many factors, such as the number of passengers, and the distance, duration, and destination of your trip. Standard pricing may vary by metro area, the duration of your trip, and the season in which it takes place.

Group transportation for local, multi-day conventions are billed at a set rate, per day. The more seats you fill, the less it costs per person, and the more value you get from your deluxe motor coach. Multiple bus options are available for groups exceeding 35 passengers.

Convention and Employee Shuttle Service

Everything from traffic to simply navigating the sprawling convention center is a transportation challenge. That’s why you should trust the convention transportation experts at Butler.

We provide worry-free convention shuttle service and employee transportation, including airport shuttles, VIP Sedans, SUVs and Limo transfers, as well as local service for group tours, entertainment and events. Butler convention and employee shuttle services include onsite:

  • Staffing
  • Logistics
  • Signage
  • Sponsored Bus Wraps
  • Headrest Covers

Looking for more luxury transportation options? Butler has access to a fleet of luxury charter vehicles equipped with everything a VIP convention goer needs to stay connected and comfortable. No matter the vehicle type you pick, Butler will always match you up with safe, trustworthy, and reliable providers to suit your exact needs.

Contact Us for A Corporate Travel Quote

Butler has a competitive advantage over other corporate travel firms, because our corporate travel bookings come with total peace of mind, and the assurance that your shuttle trip will proceed exactly as planned.

From the instant you book your employee shuttle, a Butler corporate travel specialists will monitor your reservation for new ways to accommodate your team and improve the efficiency of your trip.

Book your employee shuttle with Butler today to ensure your corporate business trip is seamless, cost effective and flawlessly executed for every commuter. Who knows? You might even get a raise out of it.

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